Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sean Wilentz says Bob Dylan is still a Christian

Sean Wilentz appeared last night on the Colbert Repor talking about his new book Bob Dylan in America. You can view the interesting interview here:

Wilentz will quickly tell you that he himself is an atheist, as both he and Christopher Ricks are anxious to point out their atheism in the following discussion: Move the slider quickly in the following link to: 22:45-24:35. Here they both say they are "almost persuaded to become a Christian" by some of Dylan's songs, but they remain atheists....they do have to keep their day jobs in academia after all. (22:45-24:35)

So that is what makes Wilentz's testimony to Colbert -- that Dylan was converted to Christianity, and remains, a Christian -- so valuable. He tells Colbert to listen to the Dylan himself says...."it is all in the songs."

So here we have a Princeton historian, a very knowledgable expert on the subject of Bob Dylan because he just completed a full length book on the subject, answering once and for all the question... "Is Bob Dylan still a Christian?"

With with testimony of these expert witnesses....I rest my case.