Saturday, December 12, 2009

Slow Sleigh Comin'

Slow Sleigh Comin'

The following interesting and thoughtful reflections comes from County Cork, Ireland where they were written by Markus Prieur, who host a website called Not Dark Yet. Markus explains the purpose of his website as follows:

It is my contention, that Bob Dylan believes what he sings in those songs, and that the biblical viewpoints conveyed on stage are his own. I assume, that Bob has experienced, like countless other believers, his Lord and Saviour as the Good Shepherd, who cares for his sheep, and who is looking out for them, even when they go astray in their own ways.

Bob did not initiate his relationship with Jesus. God did that decades ago and the results were obvious. It was not Bob, but his Lord, who began the good work in him. And it is not Bob, but his Lord, who will be the one fulfilling his promise to be faithful to complete this good work. Bob keeps on "hanging in the balance of a perfect finished plan", as he keeps on "hanging on to a solid rock".

Markus is more than a casual fan, he has attended 57 performances of what he contends is “the greatest living artist, and whose voice still is the finest instrument in music history.”

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